Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dear employers, I will have to take the day off today because:

☐ It’s December and the streets are papier-mached with wet bronze leaves and it’s so dark outside that the cars have their headlights on at 3pm

☐ I have recently been through a breakup, or I have been through a breakup at any time in my life really, and I woke up today with the absolute conviction that I will never be loved again

☐ A dog looked at me

☐ I got a text from someone for whom I feel a mix of concern and frustration and recognition and longing that is both more and less than romance

☐ Someone made a joke about dead pets meeting you in heaven

☐ Daylight savings time

☐ I passed a knot of flowers that were so bright they glowed through the dim grey water of the day and when was anything in my life last that luminous?

☐ Girls are too pretty

☐ For the first time I genuinely comprehend that there is not enough time to have all the lives I wanted

☐ I accidentally listened to Leonard Cohen

Why I Am Not Coming In To Work Today  (via thosehearts)

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drake in the anaconda video and van gogh’s ‘at eternity’s gate’




*looks in the mirror*
Weird lol haha


Vincent van Gogh, Roses 


Vincent van Gogh, Roses 


Anonymous said: The post about transplants is from my experience with the process misleading. Autism, depression, anxiety are not things that automatically disqualify you from a transplant. My mom has the latter 2 and received one. But they are factors along with lifestyle that are taken into account when deciding if you go on the list. This isn't because of "ideas about quality of life". It's because with the shortage of organs they need to ensure that the recipient has the best possible chance of survival.

The post about transplants is misleading because of anons personal anecdote. 

The American medical system would never doubt neuratypical ”claims” to illness, causing them to die in hospital or shortly after leaving the hospital at much higher rates. The American medical system would never then use this statistic to systematically deny disabled and neurodivergent people life-saving medical procedures on the basis that they have a lower chance of survival. 

the facts are misleading. obvi. ableism is a lie. 

(also can we talk about how depression and anxiety are way less stigmatized than autism or schizophrenia)

(ur probably not a very nice person tbh) 

(u should read the thing again also probably)

Controversial opinion: I like peppermint lattes way more than I like pumpkin spice lattes. 

Monday, October 20, 2014


bro my mans is dragging the frozen food section…


put this sticker on my ass


put this sticker on my ass

What should I write my visual evaluation on? It has to be three pages and I have to read it in front of the class.

Sunday, October 19, 2014



Jim Crow 2.0

nothing’s changed. it’s just evolved.

devil stay pulling tricks.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014


all I want to do with my life is eat ramen and watch parks and recreation 

just kidding I want to do so many things and it gives me so many anxieties